1er Simposio Internacional de Productos de Origen Natural

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 Dear colleagues:

 We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st International Symposium on Products of Natural Origin "For a Healthy Life” (CNIC ProNat 2022), which will take place from September 27 to October 1, 2022, in the Iberostar Selection Varadero Hotel, a 5-star all-inclusive resort located in the best strip of the Varadero beach, Cuba.

 This event, organized by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC), will bring together a large number of national and foreign specialists, with the aim of discussing different topics, from the processes of obtaining active ingredients from natural sources to the final registration of new medicines or nutritional supplements for well-being and Health.

In the modalities of Lectures, Oral presentations and Posters, the most recent works that have been developed in the areas of extraction, purification, characterization, stability, formulation, pharmacological and toxicological characterization, clinical trials and health registration will be presented; works in which the use of both traditional methods and the most innovative technologies that are currently applied in this industry will be appreciated. The meeting will be an excellent opportunity to discuss these issues, surrounded by the famous Cuban hospitality and enjoying Varadero, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

 We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st International Symposium on Products of Natural Origin "For a Healthy Life". We hope you will honor us with your presence so that, our event will be one of the best organized to date, with the certainty that will help to establish strong ties of cooperation between specialists and researchers.

Dr.C. Julio Alfonso Rubí
Director General, CNIC
Presidente del Comité Organizador    



President: Julio Alfonso Rubí, PhD; General Director, CNIC

Organizing Secretary: Talena Ledón Pérez, PhD; Deputy Director, CNIC

Scientific Secretary: Sarahí Mendoza Castaño, PhD; Director of Research, Development and Innovation, CNIC

Business Secretary: Rafael Gámez Menéndez, PhD; Commercial and Business Director, CNIC

Executive Secretary: Elena Martínez Rodríguez, Bs; Head of Institutional Communication Group, CNIC

Technology and Logistic Secretary: Ariel Tarifa Amaya, MSc; Director of Engineering and Logistic, CNIC

Executive Secretary of the Scientific Committee: Sandra Rodríguez Salgueiro, PhD; Senior Researcher, Center of Natural Products, CNIC

Professional Turoperator: Reinier Arredondo Despaigne; Commercial Specialist, Events and Incentives, Havanatur


Three main sessions will cover the following topics:

  1. Session of Biological Profile
  • Pharmacological evaluation
  • General and special toxicological evaluation
  • Clinical trials
  1. Session of Quality and Chemical Profile
  • Quality management system
  • Obtainment, purification, analytical studies, characterization, stability and formulation
  1. Business Session
  • New business opportunities
  • Presentations of product portfolios and business projects

Also, a Cuban Policosanol Workshop will take place.

Opportunities for Symposium Attendees:


- Speaker Presentation (Lectures and Oral presentations)

- Poster Display

Business Delegates:

- Speaker Presentations

- Networking Opportunities

- Audience Participation


- Sponsorship Opportunities (Announcement, Sponsor Logo, Lecture/Workshop, Commercial poster).

- Product Launch

- Marketing and Networking with Clients



Registration Category Amount (€)   Sponsorship Amount (€)
Business 450.00           

Platinum Sponsor (includes 3 delegates)

15 000.00
Academics 300.00  

Gold Sponsor (includes 2 delegates)

10 000.00
Bachelor Students** 200.00  

Silver Sponsor(includes 1 delegate)

5 000.00
Companions 200.00      


* Includes registration in the event and participation in the activities prepared by the Organizing Committee. Delegates will stay at the Iberostar Selection Varadero, with preferential prizes for accommodation (192.00 USD per pax in single room and 130.00 USD per pax in double room).

** For this category an official letter from the study center or the undergraduate student card must be presented to the Organizing Committee before the registration. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to enroll students in the symposium.



The Organizing Committee will provide an Invitation Letter to participants, in case of it is requested, to make easier the steps for getting visa and funds.


July 01, 2022: Abstracts submission deadline

July 20, 2022: Deadline for notifying to submitters if their abstract has been accepted

July 31, 2022: Deadline for starting registration

September 27, 2022: Registration. Opening of the Symposium

September 30, 2022: Closing of the Symposium




Tuesday 27

Wednesday 28/Thursday 29

Friday 30

Saturday 1





Scientific and business sessions

Cuban Policosanol Workshop

Exchange between delegates


Coffee break


Scientific and business sessions

Cuban Policosanol  Workshop






Closing of the events/

Closing toast




Scientific and business sessions



Return to Havana

Free time


Opening Ceremony/

Welcome cocktail

Cultural activities


Closing Party


OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Spanish and English.



Abstracts should be written in English. A template for summary is available in the website.

Use any version of Microsoft Word, letter page format with 2.5 cm margins and Times New Roman font with single line spacing. The document should be saved in MS Word (DOC) format or, preferably, in Rich Text Format (RTF). The total space should not exceed one page.

The title of the work will be set with a font size of 16 points and preferably consists of no more than 20 words. The name and surname of the authors as well as their affiliation must be shown. The font size will be 12 points for the names of the authors and 10 points for the affiliation. Although there is no limit on the number of authors, we would appreciate it being included in the summary until the first six only to facilitate editing. The name of the author who will present the work should be underlined. The E-mail of the corresponding author must be indicated.

The word limit of the body of the abstract is 250 without including the title or the names and affiliations of the authors. The font size in this case will be 12 points. The summary should briefly reflect the structure of the complete work (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions). Images, tables, formulas, complex symbols or acronyms should not be included in the abstract body.

Three to seven keywords will be provided.

The modality of presentation (Lecture, Oral presentation or Poster) intended should be suggested. Although, the abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, who is responsible for the acceptance or not of the works as oral presentations or posters.

Also, the thematic axis to which the work belongs should be specified.

Finally, the intention to publish the full text in a special issue of the journal Revista CENIC Ciencias Biológicas or Revista CENIC Ciencias Químicas should also be indicated.

The full text may be presented in any of the two official languages of the Symposium, Spanish or English.

The full-text papers will be subjected to peer review for publication in special issues of Revista CENIC Ciencias Biológicas (ISSN: 2221-2450) and Revista CENIC Ciencias Químicas (ISSN: 2221-2442). The full text will not exceed 10 pages.

The posters will be electronic and should be prepared using Power Point (16:9) and saved as images in jpg format (1280 x 720 pixels). A template for posters is available in the website.

Both, the abstract and the full text must be sent to the organizers through E-mail or through congress website. The deadline for submission of abstracts will be July 1, 2022. It is a requirement that at least one of the authors of the work has been registered and paid the registration fee.


E-mail: pnat@cnic.cu


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